School News

Science Fair Winners Announced!

picture and story by Nate Bartholomew

Yesterday we completed our science fair at SFJHS. We are proud of the scientific research done by our students this year! Our first place winner this year was Katelynne Little with her project titled, "1, 2, 3, How Hard Can It Be?".  Second place winners were Madisyn Lott and Sophie Beehler with their project "Handwashing to the Test", and third place winners were Josh and Tanner Fraser, with their project, "Smoke on the Water". 

Congratulations to all students that participated in the SFJHS science fair and good luck to all participants in the Nebo District Fair next week!

Blackout Poetry in 7th Grade

by Landon Leatherwood

In Ms. Dannelly’s honors English class, the students are making blackout poetry using old books, newspapers, and magazines. Blackout poetry is where a poet takes a marker and goes over a page of a book or magazine blacking out words to create a new poem. Poets can even draw pictures on the paper relating to the poem and still show what the poem is saying.


Students are safe at Spanish Fork Junior High. Earlier today, there was a rumor of a weapon on campus. The administration contacted police immediately. The police responded quickly and the individuals involved were investigated and the school was searched and found safe. There was no validity to the rumor. As a precautionary measure, the school issued a lockout while police conducted the investigation. After it was determined that there was no threat, the lockout was lifted at approximately 1:00 p.m.

Board Game Fun in CCA!

by Eden Merrill

In Mr. Johnson’s 7th grade CCA class, we are doing career board games. The games could be anything we wanted, but we had to have at least 10 careers, and it had to be a playable game. Our class had been making these for a week and a half. First, we had to get an idea of what game we wanted to make. Next, we went into the computer lab and did a lot of research and learned so much about really cool careers. After that, we had to make the pieces for the game and then put the board together. Lastly, we colored the board and finalized everything. My board game was called Jobopoly.

LOBO UPDATE 02/05/19


Parents, Students, and Friends -


The 2018-19 Stakeholder Survey is coming to you in a link via email. The survey window opened February 1st and will go through the 22nd of February. Will you please take a moment to participate by following the link in that email message? Your feedback is helpful not only with the feedback you give for our teachers and administration, but also in terms of the school climate we are creating and growing.



By Caleb Gould

On the first of February, 7th grade students had the opportunity to skip school for a day and experience the everyday life of an adult worker. The careers that were shadowed included financial managers, computer software engineers, principals, and sewage workers! Isaak Snedecor said “It was a great hands on learning experience. It was a lot of fun.” While some people may have only stayed for half of a regular work day with their parents, others stayed for the entire work shift. Some jobs had set break and lunch times, while some get breaks whenever they are needed.

Lobo Wrestling Comes to an End

by Junior Wetzel

Hey, hey, hey! Wrestling season officially ended on Tuesday, January 29th, 2019 with their team party after school. So congratulate our Lobo wrestlers on doing such a great job this year with 4 people placing 2nd in Districts, and 3 people placing 3rd in Districts. They did awesome as a team while supporting each other and working so vigorously while finishing strong at the end of this wrestling season. Also, thank you to the wrestling coaches: Coach Brown, Coach Youd, and Coach Anderson.

Teacher Becomes a Cell to Help Students Learn

by Jerry Whiting with Rillene Nielsen

Someone in a blue sumo suit is mulling around in the hallway near room 48, bobbing up and down, calling out “Hello!” to everyone within earshot.  The reactions spanned the spectrum, but most smiled and wondered, "What is Mr. Whiting up to this time?"

Class begins.  Getting up and down the aisles proved a challenging chore as, amid giggles and rolling eyes, Mr. Whiting knocked a few kids around with his big, blue suit.

FFA Creed Results

by Chaleesa Warren

FFA members Ashley Olsen and Ellie Maughan competed in the Area 5 creed contest on Monday January 28th in Heber.  These girls memorized the 5 paragraph creed, presented it and were asked questions about the creed by a panel of judges. They competed against students from 7 other schools.  Ashley was 2nd place and will represent us at State in March.  Ellie Maughan was 3rd place. Congratulations to Ashley and Ellie!