School News

In My Opinion: Watch Out! You May Be in a Sticky Situation

By Tristan Anderson—Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Do you ever find yourself sticking your hand under your desk and finding one heck of a sticky surprise, or randomly sitting down in the gym and cant get up? I have! It's disgusting! I believe that many students and teachers would say the same thing. Do we want to keep chewing gym “legal” in our school? If so, lets do something about it. I don't want gum on my butt any longer! Do you?

November Students of the Month

By Madeline Stocks—Events Editor

Congratulations to November's students of the month! From seventh grade: Sierra young, Carson McKean, Yvette Lazarte, Abbie Dart, Brady Gordon, Jaxon Higginson, Emily Halcrow, and Lindsey Certonio. From eighth grade: Kaylee Hudson, Tanner Stone, Sammi Hunt, Chris Lindholm, Nick Brumfield, Nate Johnson, Summer Christensen, and Colby Brown. From ninth grade: Rachel Hutchings, Maya McKinney, Holli Christensen, Itzel Gomez, Jason Money, Sven Jamsa, Lucy Quackenbush, Sariah Lee, Heather Churchill, and Payden Howard.

Good Job everyone!


What in the World is NaNoWriMo?

By Victoria Thomas—Editor-in-Chief

This month Mr. Anson’s Honor classes, 9th grade class and Mrs. Frohlichs 9th grade classes are participating in the NaNoWriMo program. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. Which takes place every year in Novemeber. Participatants try to write a entire rough draft of a novel in one month, or 30 days. For adults the required word count is 50,000, but students get to choose. Many students are shooting for 50,000 words, others less. Good Luck Everyone!!! And don’t lose your work!!


Math Tutors Can Help Struggling Students

By Ashlee Johnson—School News Editor

More and more kids are not understanding math. Maybe because they don’t want to give the effort to learn or they may not get the concept. Math teachers, Mr. Ferrin, Mr. Morgan, andMrs .Coxen, offer tutoring during pack time at the school. “Tutors are a good idea because some students will ask another student for help more readily then the teacher,” Mrs. Fong told the Lobo Howl. 99% of students asked by the Lobo Howl said they would like help with math. “Helping kids is fun, I love that I can help them learn,” Matt Moleff told the Lobo Howl. Many tutors help all grades with their math.

Senator Jake Garn Visits SFJH

By Jacob Hardman—Reporter

If you came to school on Wednesday the 9th you might have noticed the tank outside of the school building. If you were not paying attention to the scenery you probably saw people dressed in their Sunday best, and the large painting that Mr. Millman drew. It was our school's Veterans Day Assembly. During third period was the assembly. Mr. Fleming our principal introduced the speakers and then turned the time over to them.

Honors History goes to Printing Museum

By: Sawyer Hamilton

The morning of Wednesday, November, 16th, Mrs. Peterson’s Honors US History students were privileged to go on a field trip to the Crandall Printing Museum in Provo. Getting on a bus during 1st period they drove the 15 to 20 minute drive to the old museum just off of Provo's State Street.            

Our Principal’s Principles

By Ashlee Johnson—School News Editor

Our principal, Mr. Fleming, sat down with the Lobo Howl and discussed a few things he’d like students to think about.  Here are some principles he’d like students to consider:

Have you noticed kids being disruptive and wasting time in the halls? Being disruptive includes running, yelling, gathering in groups in the middle of the hall, jumping on each other’s backs and other things of that nature.

Wasting time is also an issue, don't mess around during the five minute breaks between classes, because if you do mess around there is a chance you could be late.

Set, Game, Match for SFJH’s Girls Tennis

By Trae Bates—Sport Editor

Spanish Fork Jr. High's tennis team aced their opponents during their last tennis tournament! The JV team placed first in the tournament and the Varsity placed 2nd. The players on the varsity team are Alli Brinton, Andrea Findley, Bailey Smith, Elise Wilson, Karley Holmes, Kenzi Hancock, Madi Wanner, and Tessa Christensen. JV players are Alison Damon, Amanda Ith, Aubree Beckstrand, Cierra Memmott, Jamie Andrews, Lauren Gammell, Nicole Hair, and Sydnie Davis.