School News

Shakespearian Players Attend Renaissance Fair

By Taten Knapp

The Drama Club went to the Renaissance Fair held earlier this month up in Provo Canyon at Timpanogos Park , to practice their Shakespeare routines in front of a crowd. They did a great job preforming.  This opportunity helped them get ready to go to Cedar City this month.

The Renaissance Fair showed club members what life was like during the middle age for the peasants and rulers.

Art and Science Combine As Students Learn About Cells

By Jacob Hardman

Spanish Fork Jr. High was a multicolored mix of animal and plant cells when students from Mr. Hallam's Biology class drew “Cell Art” around the school.

Students got to choose what type of cells they would draw: animal or plant. There were many types of cells on the sidewalks, and lots people noticed them because of their large size and bright colors.  The cells had all the necessary organelles from the mitochondria to the chloroplasts.

Mr. Nelson is a Master When It Comes to Mathematics

By Sydney White and Jordan Gull

Mr. Nelson has been talking about numbers for the past 26 years.   He came to this school to teach math, and has never wanted to leave.  This year he is only teaching 7th grade math but has taught 8th and 9th grade math too.   He really enjoys arithmetic!

Math isn't the only thing he is good at.  He also is quite knowledgeable when it comes to art and science. Before he taught math here at Spanish Fork Jr. High, he was an Art History teacher and a Science teacher.  He says that he enjoyed these other subjects, but was glad he got a chance to work with numbers here at SFJH.

Leave it Unsaid: Lying is a Drug

by: Tristan Anderson

Lying comes easily to some but harder to others. As human beings we are cursed.  We use lying in our everyday lives. Like food and water, some people survive on lying. For some, it has gotten them either further in life; for others it’s gotten them nowhere. Check your self; have you ever ignored the truth to tell a lie?

Mrs. Nielsens's Top Readers

Mrs. Nielsen's seventh grade students compete every term for top honors in reading.  This term's reading champs are Pod 1 (periods 1 & 2).  As a class they read 38,222 pages beating the next closest class by over 8000 pages.

Honors Math Field Trip

Mrs. Coxson

On Friday, October 19th, the Honors Math classes took a field trip to Kennecott Bingham Copper Mine.  It was fun and informative.  First of all, we found out some cool facts about the mine and the equipment from one of the guides.  Did you know that the mine is 3/4 of a mile deep and 2 3/4 miles wide?  One of the big dump trucks is as big as an average two-story house and carries between 250 to 320 tons of ore!!  It takes 1000 gallons of gas to fill the tank and the tires cost $32,000 EACH and are about 12 feet tall.  Wow!!!  Some of the students and Mr.

October Teacher of the Month

 Mrs. Coxson – Teacher of the Month

Our teacher of the month at Spanish Fork Junior High is Sandy Coxson.  Mrs. Coxson is involved in many activities both at the school and in the community.  She is always the first one to volunteer her time and talents to whatever task is needed.  She works hard to make our school a wonderful place to learn.  Everyone she comes in contact with feels valued.  Her influence is felt in every aspect of our school from sports, activities, academics etc.

Varsity Tennis

Kadie Day

Two Spanish Fork Jr. High 9th graders that play on the high school's Varsity tennis team went to Region last Friday (September 28) and both of them went undefeated and won Region for Spanish Fork High School with their team. Alison Damon plays 3rd Singles on Varsity and was undefeated the entire season and took home the 1st place medal. Tessa Christensen plays 2nd Doubles on Varsity and also too home a 1st place medal on Friday. Both girls will be going to State this Friday (October 5) with the high school team.


The PTA is holding their annual reflections contest and this years theme is "The Magic of a Moment...."

Entry forms are available in the office and are due on November 2.