School News

A Fish Story

by Naomi Phillips

Ms. Phillips class participated in Fishing Day at Salem Pond, Tuesday, May 9th.  Even Mr. Christensen and Mr. Barber stopped by.  We got a picture with Smokey the Bear.  We caught lots of fish.  When we got back to school we cooked and ate some of the fish, it was delicious!​

After School Chess Club Holds Tournament

by Rillene Nielsen with Tanner Mortimer

Spread the word!  SFJH has a chess club!

According to Mr. Mortimer, “There will be a chess tournament today right after school. Meet in the Cafeteria to play.” 

Mr. Mortimer and Mr. Lawrence have been hosting this club after school this term.  At this writing, this reporter doesn’t know how many more days it will be continuing—we are on end of school countdown after all—but the attendance at today’s meeting was amazing!  If you check SFJH’s Face Book page, you can watch some of the students play during a live session.

Lobo Update 5/8/17


Parents, Students and Friends –

2016-17 Student Recognition Assembly

This year’s Awards Assembly will be held the morning of Tuesday, May 23rd.  A postcard will be mailed home soon if your student will be receiving an award during the assembly.  Parents are welcome to attend! The start time for each assembly is as follows: 9th grade- 8:50am; 8th grade-10:10am; 7th grade- 11:00am

 Library Notice

FACS Exploration News

By Kris Kelly

Mrs. Kelly’s 8th Grade FACS Exploration classes have recently been learning about Child Development.  After studying about the developmental stages, positive guidance techniques, and the value of play, students held their own preschool.  They planned and prepared different learning activities and were able to teach these to younger siblings during two days of animal fun, art projects, playdough, pretend, and fun!  They knew the preschool was a success when one of the children exclaimed to his mother at the end of the day, “I never want to leave here!”

SFJH Students are Super Stars

by Naomi Phillips

Ms. Phillips class participated in the Nebo Superstars Track & Field Day at Maple Mountain High School. The students participated in events such as, 50 yd. dash, 100 yd. dash, 200 yd. dash, 400 yd. dash, softball throw, running long jump, standing long jump, and high jump.

Many of our students placed and received medals.  The administration and counselors came and cheered us on!​

FFA Continues to Shine at Competitions

By Chaleesa Warren

Spanish Fork FFA was represented well at career development events this week! There were four teams that competed. The results are as follows: 

Dairy Cattle Evaluation: 4th out of 29 teams

Lance Jensen, Jaiden Stewart, Brady Orton

Poultry Evaluation: 7th of 29 teams

Lance Jensen, Jaiden Stewart, Brady Orton 

Horse Evaluation: 18th out of 62 teams

Ellie Ash, Kacie Sorensen, Tanner Voorhees

Food Science: 

Marlei Clayson, Storri Nelson 

Congratulations students!! 

Reading for Enjoyment Field Trip

By Kaye Brockbank

Spanish Fork Jr. High’s Reading for Enjoyment class visited the guests at the Payson Veteran’s Home on April, 26th.  The students had practiced reading short stories and were excited to share them with the veterans.  After reading and visiting, the students got to participate in Noodle Ball and Yoga with the veterans.  Students were able to get to know some funny men and heard some great stories about their service to our country and their life after their service.