School News

Spanish Fork Jr. High Learns about Plagarism

All students at Spanish Fork Jr. High have been learning about plagarism the past week. Mrs. Thompson challenged her 2nd period English class to compose some poems and paragraphs about plagarism. Here is a sample of some of their work:


Plagiarism is snarky

It smells like a humid computer lab, full of procrastinators.

It tastes like bile burning in your throat.

It sounds like click!click!click! Copy and Paste.

It feels like receiving a gold medal for a race you didn't run.

The Choir Was Busy in December

By Mrs. Sharon Hopkins

The Choir Program at Spanish Fork Junior High had an exciting and busy time in December.  On December 14th they performed a fantastic Concert with singing, dancing, and soloists including a guest performer Brent LeBaron from Lehi .  With Mrs. Hopkins as the director and Marnae Trotter as the accompanist this performance was a sure winner!  The opening song included all the choirs singing Bach’s “Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring” in it’s original language: German.  Also included were students from the Orchestra class and Mr.

The first Amazing Race—Utah comes to a very successful conclusion!

By Mr. James Hubbard

7th grade Utah Studies students have been anxiously awaiting the big announcement.  Why?  Because Mr. Roberts and Mr. Hubbard have finally tallied the results for the very first The Amazing Race—Utah!  Between September and December, Utah Studies students were competing to see who would visit 25 amazing places in Utah with their families and friends. And the winners are:

 #1 Jantzen Jolly visited an amazing 22 of the 25 Amazing Race places in Utah!

#2  McKenna Hall visited 16 Amazing Race places.

#3  Nick Farley, in a close race, visited 15 places.

Mr. Bass Electrifies Science Classes

By Kelsie Christensen—Features Editor

Have you ever sat outside your house during a thunder storm to watch the lightning? Nikola Tesla invented the famous Tesla coil that creates electricity or lightning to replenish the earth.  In the Tesla coil there are things called capacitors that store electricity. When a switch is flipped, the electricity is released through the machine. In the atmosphere there is a layer called the ‘Ozone Layer’. It protects us from the Sun's harsh rays, without it we could die. Lightning helps restore that ozone layer during a storm. That is why there is always a fresh scent after lightning storms.

Rowdy Beaman: Our Own Michael Phelps

By Olivia Chriatian

Did you know that the 6 foot ninth grader Rowdy Beaman was on Salem Hill’s swim team? Well you do now! He’s been practicing 20 hours a week! Could you do that?

The Lobo Howl got a chance to interview Rowdy and ask him questions about swimming. He started swimming about three years ago, because his dad told him he would be good at it. His dad was correct, because at Rowdy’s first high school meet he broke four records. He broke the 500 free time in 5.31.73 and the 200 free time in 2.06.99. He didn’t know the other times for the other two, but they were the 400 and 200 free relays.

Your Top 5

By Olivia Christian


For this issue The Lobo Howl decided to do something a little different to mix it up. Instead of asking the students, we thought it would be fun to get the teacher’s answers. We went around and asked twenty random teachers what their favorite Thanksgiving dish is. For some of the teachers they couldn’t decide on one single dish.

Sneak Peak at Lunch

By Kelsie Christensen—Features Editor

The Lobo Howl had the opportunity to talk to some of our schools lunch staff, and were able to find the inside scoop on our school lunch. When asked what their favorite meals are to serve, they answered rice bowls. Did you know our school serves three different kinds of rice bowls? At lunch they rotate through Sweet and Sour chicken, Mandarin Orange chicken, and Teriyaki chicken. They sometimes will even serve fortune cookies and/or egg rolls to go along with them.

4-H Showcase

By Madeline Stocks—Events Editor

Our 4H students got to show off all of their hard work at the 4H Showcase, Thursday the 17th. It started at 7 pm and all of the parents were seated for an introduction including the 4H pledge. A few groups from the Shakespeare team performed at the beginning. Then, their students took them to their separate 4H classes—Incredible Edibles, Crafty Critters, All Around Sports, 3D Computer Arts, Lobo Den Games and Creative Calendars—where they did a few different activities.

Drama Classes See Fiddler

By Olivia Christian

Last Tuesday, November 15, Ms. Holley took students from her drama 1 classes and the Shakespeare team to Salem Hills’ production of Fiddler on the Roof. It was about two hours long and was very well done.