School News

Coins for Christmas

by: Laura Carter

The annual Coins & Cash for Christmas competition last week at Spanish Fork Junior High was a great success! Class grades competed to bring in the most coins or cash. Pennies placed in other grades bags counted negatively. With each grade trying to undermine the other grades the Junior Honor Society counted an amazing amount of pennies as well as a generous amounts of nickels, dimes, quarters, and cash daily last week!

The ninth-grade won the weeks grand total at nearly $1,000 after a slow start earlier in the week where they were $2.00 in the negative.

December Teacher of the Month

Jen Fong has been at Spanish Fork Junior High for the last 4 years. She teaches math though the students may be surprised to realize that she did not get all “A’s” in math when she was in school.

 She enjoys Café Rio, Red Cream Soda, a Milky Way candy bar and ice cream. 

She has been to Hawaii, Alaska and the Republic of Kiribati but Hawaii is her favorite vacation spot.  She hopes to get to Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore someday.

Memories act as writing prompts

by: Chris Thompson

In an effort to help students generate writing ideas, Spanish Fork Junior High School counselor, Mr. Jackson, related one of his first childhood memories to Mrs. Thompson's seventh grade English students. Jackson displayed a 1977 Tonka 4X4 which featured removable wheels, a tire jack, and a red gas can. He went on to describe in detail the Christmas morning he discovered what would become his favorite toy and explained its sentimental value that was sparked by his family-owned tire business in Springville.

Mrs. Rillene Nielsen's Top Readers!

by: Rillene Nielsen

Nathan Leis, first term's top reader from all Mrs. Nielsen's 7th grade classes.  He read 7158 pages during the term.  He is in English 7 pod 1.

English 7 pod 2--the top overall class.  They collectively read 30,309 pages in one term.  They earned bragging rights and a period in the Lobo Den. During term 1, the reading page total for all pods was 72,657 pages read.

Spirit Week!

by: Shawnee Argyle

The student council at Spanish Fork Jr. High School sponsored Spirit Week November 1-5.  Monday was Duct Tape Day.  The students used duct tape to create headbands, bracelets, shirts, shirts, shoes, and many other creations.  The favorite day of the week was Tuesday's "clash" day!  Students put together outfits that were misfits and showed their school spirit by dressing up.

Mrs. Parker’s Class uses Picture Books and Poetry to Practice Fluency

By: Gaylynn Parker

Thanks to the support and generosity of Principal Fleming, who provided a small classroom computer lab and Librarian Huff who provided headphone/microphone sets, Mrs. Parker’s seventh grade language arts students have had the opportunity to practice fluency using picture books and poetry. 

A Look at the Past

By Janessa Pratt

            Wednesday, November 17 the honors 8th grade U.S. History class went to the Crandall Printing Museum in Provo Utah.  The museum was founded by Louis Crandall, while Wally Saling, and John Peterson were there to help with the presentation.  Mr. Crandall, along with his companions, have been printing for a very long time.  For most of them, since they were 14!  

AMC Math Test

Mr. Bingham

The American Mathematics Contest  8 (AMC8) is a 25 question, 40 minute multiple choice examination in middle school mathematics designed to promote the development and enhancement of problem solving skills. This school year it was held  November 18, 2010

Spanish Fork Jr. High 2010 Reflections Contest Winners

Hailey Boggess
Abigail Brown
Linsay Brown
Mallorie Christensen
Emily Wilson
Jessica Corey

Visual Arts:
Trevyn Zobell
Elizabeth Mitchell
Mallorie Christensen
Chelsey Sudweeks

3-D Art
Coulson Boggess
Brandon Baum

Abigail Brown
Kyla Rogers
Jennifer Clark
Mallorie Christensen
Ammy Trujillo

Zachary Hansen
Elise Wilson

Film Production:
Kyla Rogers
Kayla Christensen

Spanish Fork Jr. High Honors Veterans

by: Laura Carter

Stars, Veterans, HMVEEs, Miss Utah, and an amazing display of patriotism was demonstrated at Spanish Fork Junior High School today, Wednesday, November 10, 2010.

Since the beginning of November, students have been contributing red, white, and blue "Veteran's Stars" that are on display in the main foyer of the school.  Each star honors a family, friend, or neighbor who has served in the United States armed forces with names, pictures, dates of service, and branches of the military served.  Students were encouraged to bring their veterans with them to the assembly.