Red Ribbon Finale—Hank Smith

by Rillene Nielsen

Choices.  We make them every day.  Some are good; others—not so much.  Today, Dr. Hank Smith, a professor at BYU, spoke with students at Spanish Fork Junior High about the importance of making good choices—especially when it comes to the internet.

Smith reminded students that our brains are delicate; the run our life and need to be protected.  “Everything we look at creates a memory,” Smith said.  “Once we put something in it’s really hard to get it out.”  Everything out brains experience affect out moods, our relationships, and out behaviors.

The internet poses a special problem.  Many people, even teens, are finding they have problems putting down technology.  (See Facebook for “You Might Have a Problem With Technology if…”)  Pornography is one of the dangers teens are counseled to stay away from.  It ruins self-esteem and harms relationships with others.  But what if a person has fallen into its grasp?  Dr. Smith gave teens this advice:

  1.  Be watchful—make sure you choices match your future.
  2. If you’re struggling, DON’T shame yourself.  It doesn’t help
  3. Find someone you trust and talk to them.  They love you; they can help.

Many thanks to our great counseling staff for putting together this assembly, as well as the other Red Ribbon activities.