Local Writer Greg Bennett Visits SFJHS

Gaylynn Parker

7th Grade Honors English students at SFJHS experienced a real treat on Friday when local magazine writer and editor Greg Bennett (Utah Valley Magazine) came to speak to students about the importance of writing.  

Mr. Bennett pointed out that it’s almost impossible to survive in today’s world without the ability to write. His advice to everyone? “The stuff you’re learning now? It’s best if you remember it.” Tips to be a better writer? 1) Read good writing. 2) Write, and write a lot. 3) Learn what makes an interesting story (understand your audience, use your own experience, and keep a notebook of your observations). 4) Learn to accept criticism of your writing.

The fun part about writing comes from being observant and paying attention to details: If you pay attention, you will usually find a story behind a story. Take a deeper look at the person sitting next to you, and you may just find you don’t really know them at all. Look for the story behind the story because that’s when life gets interesting. Then? Write that story.