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Virtuoso Rob Landes Visits SFJH Orchestra Concert

Submitted by david.thacker on Tue, 12/12/2017 - 17:47
Story and pictures by Angela Harmon

The SFJHS Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced orchestras performed on Monday night to a packed auditorium. 

Mrs. Harman surprised the students by having famous violinist and YouTube star Rob Landes come to the concert and perform.  Landes, whose YouTube channel has almost 30 million views, started play the violin at age 3.  His webpage describes him by say “take a classically-trained violinist who … has two music performance degrees, add a loop pedal and a dash of Ed Sheeran” and that’s Rob Landes. ( )

The crowd went wild for each orchestra performance, and Rob Landes loved the energy in the room.  He ended up staying longer and playing 4 amazing pieces.  When the crowd wouldn't stop clapping he came out and performed another piece.  Rob stayed after the concert and signed orchestra shirts, programs, and even violins. 

Mrs. Harman and her students will remember the night for a long time.  All who attended were inspired and motivated to continue working to reach their musical potential. 

Check out Rob Landes on YouTube: