SFJH Students Swim While It’s Snowing

by Alec Carlson

What do you do when the snow is flying, and it’s twenty degrees outside?  Take a field trip to the Provo Rec Center, of course!

SFJH students had a lot of fun in the swimming pool. They were jumping off the platform, doing a lot of cool tricks, and playing water basketball.  We even had some students jump in with the water Zumba that was going on. Students did not let the bad weather keep them from having some fun in the water.

There was also a bunch of students in the basketball gym. Some intense games of 3 on 3, as well as a big game of 21, were going on. It was nice to have a lot of basketball hoops so no one really had to wait around to play.

It was a very successful field trip with lots of fun and exercise.