Lobo Update 3/26/2018


Last week we celebrated kindness at SFJHS. Each day during Pack Time every student in every class learned about being kind to themselves and to others. Students watched short videos that included affirmations of the good within and how they can affect others. Many times we push away the good thoughts and focus on the bad. We need and we crave positive, constructive connections.
A caring school environment can create these connections between friends, classmates, teachers, and others. When we have a place to belong and a place to look outside of ourselves for support, we make meaningful connections. When we live the values included in the Lobo Way (Strengthen the Pack, Learn to Learn with Passion, Forgive and Accept, and Find My Voice), we make meaningful connections. When we give away affirmations to others – like telling someone they did a great job, or thanking someone for their help – we strengthen ourselves and others. We build community, and we grow together.
Our hope for this email message is that you will click on the video links below and watch or re-watch the messages our entire school experienced. Talk about them. Share affirmations. Spread kindness. Change the world for the better.
Tuesday: The Butterfly Effect 
Wednesday: You Are Awesome Pep Talk Video 
"I am..." Paper Chain Surrounds School Video
Compliments Video
Friday: Thankful Video
876 students earned a spot on the Honor Roll
413 students with a perfect 4.0
325 students with High Honors (3.7-3.99)
138 students with Honors (3.5-3.7)
UVU is offering a summer reading skills program. Students will learn the best way to take notes, study for tests, and read fiction, non-fiction, and textbooks. For more information or to register call 1-800-978-9596 or visit www.uvu.readingprograms.org
Mar 26th: High School Musical 7:00 (final Performance)
Mar 27th-29th: Pickleball Intramurals 7:30am
Mar 28th: Captain’s Academy 8:00, PE-Bowling Field trip 9:00
Mar 29th: Antelope Island Field Trip 8:00, District Band Festival 9:00
Mar 30th: Basketball Intramurals 6:00am, CCA classes Wild Wonders Assembly (1st-4th Period)