by Brooklyn Redd

It was 1:30 p.m. The Spanish Fork Junior High Cross Country team had just been excused from class, 6th period. The team left class and went down to the locker room to change. The team got on the bus, all wearing their uniforms, and were driven to Springville Jr. High. Once they had arrived they piled up their backpacks and walked the course. Because of all the recent rain, the course was really marshy. After walking the course, the team got out a volleyball and a soccer ball and  played around with that for a while. This probably helped everyone racing not get too stressed out about the race. Before the girls raced, the team all warmed up and stretched together.

Now it was time for the girls to race. Everyone was happy because it wasn’t raining as it had been expected to. Most of the girls on the team did not want to run in the rain. The girls of the team were told good luck and were ready to race! After the gun had gone off, most people eased into their pace slightly spreading out. On the first lap around the course, several of the Spanish Fork girls were towards the front at a good pace with Sophie, Alexa, Sarah, leading the team. The boys team, along with parents and coaches, cheered the girls on. The girls were coming for the second lap around and all of the Spanish Fork girls were still maintaining a good place. Girls were going to be crossing the finish line soon. Most people gathered to the finish line to watch everyone finish. The Spanish Fork girls did really well and most people felt very good about their race! Sophie Riding was the number one runner for the Spanish Fork Junior High girls cross country team.

It was time for the boys to race. The gun had gone off and the girls were ready to cheer! Around the first lap, a lot of the Spanish Fork boys were at the front just like the girls, everyone moving at a good pace. Second lap around they’re still towards the front. Now, just like the girls race had gone, it was time for the boys to cross the finish line. Everyone cheered as the boys came rushing across the finish line. The boys had a very good race and finished well! Ryan Olsen was the number one runner for the Spanish Fork boys cross country team. Ryan Olsen finished first for the whole race as well.