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Reflection and Inspiration Through Writing

Submitted by david.thacker on Fri, 09/13/2019 - 06:10

Mrs. Thompson's eighth grade English students participated in a quick write activity on 9/11 after viewing a commemorative video. These pieces represent just a few of the gems they shared from their writer's notebooks.

The first is the photo for this article, a mufti media poem by Alivia Vandyke.  The second is a reflective piece by Corbin Gull.


By Corbin Gull

I woke up this morning not knowing that this day will change America forever. It felt like any other day. Grass was green, and birds were chirping in the big city of New York. I got on the bus, went to school, and got to my class as the bell was ringing. We were about thirty minutes into class when the announcements came on saying that we need to evacuate the school and that this is not a drill. We ran outside and had to go somewhere safe. I saw a couple of planes flying way too low. “What could they be possibly be heading for?”  I thought. Then I looked over, “OH, NO!!!” It was heading for the Twin Towers! A loud sound went, “BOOM!” That’s when I knew what happened. Tears went down my face, as I heard the screams of terror by men and women.  Not only was it a frightful day, it was a day where we grew stronger as a country.