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Penny Wars

Submitted by david.thacker on Wed, 12/18/2019 - 13:43
By Dallin Rust

Last week our school participated in Penny Wars. Penny Wars is a competitive game of donating change and money. The competition was between second period classes. Each class had a jar to collect their money. The objective is to have the most silver and paper money. Pennies count as negative points. We had a leaderboard of three teachers. The three-second period classes that won could choose between hot chocolate, donuts, or a pizza party. 

Obviously, it is very hard to be consistent on staying on the leaderboard every day. This was a weeklong event. Coach Carlson bribed his students to bring money by giving them an activity week in aerobic conditioning. Ms. Christensen said she would dye her hair blonde. Mr. Whiting said if they won, his class could choose his haircut and hair color. Mr. Whiting was bombed with 65 dollars in pennies in one day! After our first day of Penny Wars, our leaderboard looked like this: Coach Carlson in first place, Mrs. Phillips in second place and Ms. Christensen in third place.

 The next day the leader slightly changed with Ms. Warren in third place, Mr. Whiting in second, and Mrs. Philips in first. Coach Carlson had been bombed with 1,100 pennies. 

On Thursday, the whole leaderboard had changed. Ms. Dannelly was in third place, Mrs. Sorenson was in second and Mrs. Mendonsa was in first place. 

On Friday, the last day of the competition, our school had gathered 4,846.81 dollars. Our third place winner was Mrs. Sorenson, an 8th grade science teacher, second place was Mr. Whiting, a 7th grade science teacher, and finally our first place winner was Coach Carlson. This means Coach Carlson's aerobic conditioning class will have activity week this whole week and that Mr. Whiting or Ms. Christensen will not be having crazy hairstyles. 

The proceeds of Penny Wars are used to purchase new shoes for kids in our school that need a new pair of shoes. Nebo Credit Union helps by buying the shoes, wrapping them and donating money for the shoes. Every school in Nebo School District participated. Thank you to Mrs. Mendonsa and Junior Honor Society for counting the money. Next year Penny Wars will be a whole new game.