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Beginning Orchestra Goes Recruiting

Submitted by david.thacker on Wed, 01/29/2020 - 15:49
By Callie Parker (student)

Exciting things are happening in the Beginning Orchestra at Spanish Fork Junior High! The Beginning Orchestra has worked very hard on many songs, and now they got to show off their skills.

 On Tuesday, January twenty-eighth, the Beginning Orchestra and their teacher, Mrs. Harman, had the privilege of being able to tour four elementary schools. The purpose of this event was to encourage sixth graders to join the orchestra. All of the sixth graders of the four elementary schools got to witness the Beginning Orchestra play many songs that they knew. They played many popular pieces including the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean, and Jurassic Park. The Orchestra also played Demons and Hall of Fame. The audience got to enjoy some solos to demonstrate each instrument. An electric cello and violin was also played.

As the songs were playing, the audience got to see some of the orchestra students dress up to help with the mood of the music. A dinosaur and a shark appeared in the show, surprising the audience and creating a fun environment.

In the end, one of the orchestra students said,” It was a blast. Especially the part where we got to shoot rubber sharks at the audience.” The experience was fun and enjoyable and was enjoyed by both sides of the performance.