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Spanish Fork Junior High New Bus Zone and Parent Drop-off

Submitted by david.thacker on Tue, 08/04/2020 - 15:10

With the parking lot construction nearly completed at Spanish Fork Junior High we want to ensure that parents and guardians are aware of the procedure and location for dropping off and picking up students. The bus loading and unloading zone will now be on the North side of the school. Busses will enter the parking lot through a new bus lane that enters the campus from 600 East. They will then exit the same way. This new road is a bus lane only. The old bus lane on the East side of the school is now the student drop-off and pick-up location. Parents will be able to pull up and park in the right lane of the student drop-off zone. The left lane will be pull-through only. Please note, parents will not be able to use the North parking lot to drop off and pick up students before and after school due to the new bus lane. Please use the new student drop-off and pick-up zone East of the school. There are two different pedestrian crosswalks in the student pick-up and drop-off lane. Please be mindful of pedestrians, especially students, crossing before and after school. There will be adult supervision to help at the crosswalks after school.

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