Pack Time: Ensuring Success for All Students

The Vision Behind Pack Time:
Spanish Fork Jr. High is committed to achieving high levels of student learning. If we are to accomplish this goal, there must be interventions along the way that provide re-teaching and additional time as needed. We believe that ALL students can be successful and Pack Time provides a key way to reach every student.  

How Pack Time Works:

  • Each school day, except Monday, the office prints a mini progress report for each student. This report is given to each student by their second period teacher. Students that have a D, F, or I grade in a class, will have the word "Deficient" printed at the bottom of their report. These students are required to go to the teacher of the deficient grade. The teacher will work with the student helping them to complete missing work, re-take tests or re-learn concepts as needed to raise their grade.
  • If the teacher they have the deficient grade with is not available, they must report to a study hall or as arranged by partnering teachers, may go to another teacher within that department to receive help.
  • Students who are proficient in all their classes (all grades C- or above) will have the opportunity to choose an enrichment activity for the Pack Time. Their "Proficient" report card is their ticket into the enrichment activity.
  • Schedules will be posted in every classroom so all students will know what is available
  • Teachers will regularly update their grades so that students who are proficient have that reflected in their daily progress report.