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Crystal Apple Award 2014, Russell LeMmon

Submitted by david.thacker on Thu, 02/27/2014 - 08:57
By Laura Carter

Russ is an outstanding teacher and deserves more recognition than any teacher I know and certainly more than A Crystal Apple Award, but the award is very nice!  He won by a large margin in the voting.  His dedication in the classroom is unparalleled!  He goes above and beyond to see that each of his students is treated as a valued human being.  He greets his students at the door every day letting them know they are valued and loved. For all students, he lets them feel that they are alive and that someone notices them and appreciates their presence in his classroom. 

He loves joking around with the kids!  His wife Michele says his students love reminding him about the “splash” zone warning, Gangnam-Style dancing, and bugging boys about the girl across the room they should think is cute.  When he has students in his classroom, everything is on hold.  Kids first!    He is upbeat and rarely has trouble with a student because he is so positive about them and always says the right thing. He has a way with kids that is inspiring!  Teaching is his calling in life!  He is making a difference in the lives of his students, and doing something that is so meaningful.

We all are aware that our education system makes things every difficult for teachers who typically have to work within tremendous constraints.  Mr. LeMmon is the supreme diplomat with the unruly student.  He inspires them, he encourages them, and he is always there for them. 

Thank you Russ for your excellent example of what teaching is meant to be.