Stars Assembly—Rockin’ the House at SFJH

By Rillene R. E. Nielsen
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Applause thundered through the halls of SFJH today during the annual talent show-- better known as the Stars Assembly.  Singing, dancing, magic, and yes, even origami were featured.

Vocal Numbers

Cody Seamons and Aiden Perry presented a vocal and guitar duet singing “Impossible to Find.” Ethan Oiler, on guitar, broke all the ladies hearts with his rendition of “Hero.”  Sara Clayson sang a country favorite, “Stuck Like Glue.”  And Megan Bartholomew favored us with the pop hit “Jar of Hearts.”

Instrumental Offerings

Nathan Connors set the piano keyboard a blaze with an untitled, yet hauntingly beautiful number.  Madeline Riding showcased her excellent musical skills with a violin dubstep piece called “Crystalize.”  Shay Ponis shared an original piano composition.  Dallin Redding’s rendition of the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean was a treasure.  And last, but not least, Gabe Montesina and McKay Byrne brought down the house with their piano and drum duet featuring popular hits “Radioactive” and “What I’ve Done.”

Other Great Talents

Robert Young shared his smooth moves as he danced to the a cover of Blondie’s “One Way or Another.”  Tatyana Ioane and Elsie Robarge gave the audience a bit of culture with their Tahitian dance number. 

Kenia Guzman got the audience snapping when she slammed an original poem. 

Ryan Berger and Brendan Bakker created an awesome video showcasing their very unique talent—origami!  These two can really fold!

Finally, Austin Scheetz, master of illusion, held the audience spellbound with his magic trick.  Audible gasps escaped the audience, and this reporter saw more than one student gulp and shut their eyes as Austin smashed his hand through paper bags, somehow avoiding the one containing a five inch nail standing point up!

Wow!  Such talented students!