Going back to the Past

Shane Waters

On April 17th, eight graders from Spanish Fork Junior High School went on a field trip to Thanksgiving Point in Lehi. They toured the Museum of Ancient Life. “That’s crazy!” some of the students stated as they walked under huge fossilized dinosaurs towering over them. “How would you like to go fishing for that?” as one boy pointed to a huge boney fossilized fish with large protruding teeth behind a glass case. The students spent about an hour and a half touring the museum and then another half hour looking at the new Tinkering exhibit. The Tinkering exhibit allows students to play with different mechanical devices that allows them to be creative and see what happens when you manipulate different parts of the machine. One section of the exhibit allows students to paint their shadows on the walls. The students stand in different poses while a bright light flashes on you and the wall. After the flash, their shadows were left, in the poses they were in, on the wall. “It was really cool to play with the shadows on the wall and try different poses!’ as some of the students were exclaiming as they left the exhibit.

The student took a short 30 minute break for lunch and then they went to the 3D theater to watch a movie called “Mysteries of the Unseen World”. It was amazing to see the images of the things we normally cannot see like mites that live on our eye lashes, the flap of a Dragon fly wing or what a bee sees when they approach a flower.

The students had a good time and where able to apply the things they have learned in the classroom to their experience at the museum.