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Chorus Happenings

Submitted by david.thacker on Mon, 02/01/2010 - 09:07
By Sharon Hopkins

Choir Concert presented by
Spanish Fork Jr. High Men’s Chorus and Women’s Chorus
Conducted by Sharon Hopkins and Assisted by Michelle Jenson
Men’s and Women’s Chorus had been preparing for this night since August and the evening had finally arrived.  Now they could share with their family and friends all that they had learned.  The first song was all about football. The students had football jerseys on and pomp poms.  Mrs. Hopkins wore a blue and orange wig.  When the song was over Mrs. Hopkins exclaimed that they were confused; that this wasn’t a football game, but a choir concert.  The students took off their jerseys and took their place on the risers: the men with ties on and the women in black skirts.  Each choir had a couple upbeat, fun songs and then softer meaningful songs.  Women’s chorus surprised the audience by passing out lollipops after singing, complete with choreography, one of their favorite songs “Lollipop.”  Men’s chorus impressed us all with their performance of “My Wild Irish Rose” dressed as gentle-hearted pirates.  Many students performed solos such as: Chelsea Stamm on violin, Brandon Baum, Thomas Fullmer, and Alyssa Unsworth, and special guest Sarah Inciato on violin.  We even had a quick wedding (played by Zack Valenzuela and Meagan Christensen) that ended quickly with “Picking a Bale of Cotton.”  Mrs. Hopkins reminded her students that they were each a shooting star and that now was their time to shine in the world.  Stars decorated the cafeteria as well as twinkling lights hanging from the ceiling.  It was an inspiring musical evening for all! Good Job Women’s Chorus and Men’s Chorus!

Honor Choir
Each year some select students from Spanish Fork Jr. High get to participate in a wonderful experience called Honor Choir.  The students audition with Mrs. Hopkins to be selected.  They then receive sheet music with a practice CD and are to learn the music all on their own.  Each student must have the songs almost memorized with each student singing a different part.  In January the students meet with all the other school’s Honor Choir kids in the state.  Each school can have only 8 participants.   For two days the students rehearse together and enjoy learning under the direction of a master teacher.  This year Dr. Paul Broomhead was the conductor.  The students had a great time learning from him and interacting with other students from around the state.  On the second evening the students perform an amazing concert.  300 voice strong they lift the roof and lift our hearts.  This year’s Honor Choir members are: Michelle Jones, Aubree Head, James Carrington, Taylor Warr, Emily Wilson, Landon Copling, and Sarah Kimball.  They performed Saturday night January 23rd at Cottonwood High School.  Way to go HONOR CHOIR!