Movie Sets and Math

by Rillene Nielsen, pics by Sandy Coxson

Math is everywhere!  You can’t escape it!

Students in Mrs. Coxson’s 7th grade math class discovered that even movie set designers and carpenters need to use math when they design set pieces for our favorite movies 

According to Mrs. Coxson, “We had an investigation to try and find a formula for making beams for a movie set.”  Students worked in small groups.  They were given toothpicks and—yes, that’s right—gummy bears to construct the support beams.  A tasty way to do calculations, don’t you think?

“We then generated an arithmetic sequence to look for a pattern,” continued Mrs. Coxson.  “From there students were able to write a formula.”

The math department at SFJH is known for innovation and engagement.  Real world application teaches students the importance of knowing mathematic principles.   Authentic learning where you can eat your mistakes.

We do it right at SFJH!