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Zombie Haiku Winners 2015

Submitted by david.thacker on Mon, 11/02/2015 - 09:47

7th Grade:

                1st – Jaden Kay

                2nd – Kayden Wonacott

                3rd –Leah Jensen

 8th Grade:

                1st – Kacie Rosales

                2nd – Alyx Scheetz

                3rd –Brock Davis

 9th Grade:

                1st – Gabriel Kenison

                2nd – Colby Davis

                3rd –Racquel Whatcott


                1st – Mr. Lawrence

                2nd – Miss Dannelly

                3rd –Mr. Thacker

Christmas with zombies

With presents inside humans

“Thanks for the brains, Mom”


You can’t run, nor hide

They will eat you up inside

You can only pray.


Zombies are limb thieves

They take the limb that they please

Unless it’s from trees


Zombies eat all brains.

Except for maybe Richard’s

It seems he has none.


Under the hard ground

Where we stand the cold dead sleep,

Or do they really…?


Zombies don’t like lead.

Pump them full of lead; they’re dead.

Pop a shell and shoot.


When fleeing the dead,

Friends of wider girth tend to

Be of greater worth.


Very smart zombie

Seeks not brains but good knowledge,

Knowledge in your brains


Screams heard in the fog

You hold your breath to listen

Footsteps come your way


Just dined on a brain

She was a smart brain surgeon

Now, I am licensed


The undead will rise

But not from the rotten grave,

From the smart phone screen.


A zombie’s breakfast

Does not say “Snap! Crackle! Pop!”

It says, “Aaaah! My brain!”