National Novel Writing Month at Spanish Fork Jr. High

by Ana Mockett

NaNoWriMo. A challenging adventure for the few, the enduring, the 9th grade Honors English classes of SFJH (and a few daring others). For a few weeks we have prepared for this marathon, this month of novel writing, this test of mental alacrity and versatility. Now it is here. This is a chance for our stories to be told...if we can pull it off. We have one month to achieve a goal that usually takes years: to write a novel, with an established word count, from beginning to end, to spend countless hours ripping our hair out in front of computer screens, to try and fail and try again. However, with the help of seasoned veterans (our teachers), we have good chance of surviving with our psyches intact. And if we do, we will be hailed as heroes amongst ourselves, and the pages of our books will pave the way to victory. This is no small feat for any human, let alone a 9th grader.