Mr. Paul Nelson - Teacher of the Month


I would like to nominate Paul Nelson for Teacher of the Month.  Paul is not one that would ever look to be recognized, but he works hard, especially with struggling students.  He is patient with the students, and willing to work with them whenever they ask for help.  He is truly a quiet, hard, worker in this school that is rarely recognized for his efforts.

 Eric Ferrin

What's happening this week? December 16 - 20

  • Monday, Dec 16th, 8:50am Combined Choir Rehearsal, 3-5pm Musical Workshop, 3:30pm B&G B-ball @ DFJHS
  • Tuesday, Dec 17th, 3-5:30pm Musical Auditions, 7pm Combined Choir Concert @ DFJHS
  • Wednesday, Dec 18th, 7am Faculty Development Meeting, 2:10pm Christmas Celebration at Hu Hot Mongolian Grill, 3-5:30pm Musical Auditions, 3:30pm Wrestling @ SaJHS,
  • Thursday, Dec 19th, 3-5:30pm Musical Auditions, 3:30pm B&G B-ball @ MNJHS, 7pm Band Cncrt

Students Participate in An Hour of Code


December 9 – 15 was Computer Science Education Week and teachers all over the world had their students participate by learning an Hour of Code. Here at Spanish Fork Jr. High Mr. Thacker had his keyboarding and computer technology classes participate in an Hour of Code where the students used computer code to help an Angry Bird navigate a maze to pop a piggy, and used computer code to help a zombie navigate a maze to eat a plant.

Hannah Argyle On Her Way to National Finals

Rillene Nielsen

Saturday, December 7, 2013 marked the annual finals for Utah’s Make It with Wool competition.  This year’s sew fest was held at Mapleton Junior High.  Fifty-seven entrant from across the state competed in three categories:  preteen (11 and under), juniors (12-15), and seniors (16-24).  There is also an adult category.

Hannah Argyle, a student here at SFJH, took top honors in the junior category with her skirt and jacket entry.  This qualifies her to go on to the national finals held in Charleston, South Carolina in January 23-25, 2014.

Five SFJHS Runners Compete in California

Rillene Nielsen

On Saturday, December 7th, 2013, five SFJHS students competed in the western regional Foot Locker 3 mile cross country race held in Walnut, California.  Running with the Pack were Amanda Olsen, Taya Hoover, Devin King, Nate Hanson, and Heston Anderson.

Despite the wet weather, Heston placed 35th overall in the freshman/sophomore race.  Congratulations Lobos!

Check out the rankings for the National Finals to be held this weekend in San Diego, California by going to Foot Locker’s webpage at

What's happening this week? December 9 - 13

  • Monday, Dec 9th, 3:30pm B&G B-ball @ PJHS
  • Tuesday, Dec 10th, 8am Captain’s Academy, 3pm LPIC Meeting
  • Wednesday, Dec 11th, Choir Field Trip to University Mall, 2:10 Department Collaboration, 3:30pm Wrestling vs SpJHS, , 6pm Nebo District Board Meeting, 7pm Drama Class Plays,
  • Thursday, Dec 12th, 9am Principal’s Meeting, Drawing at lunch for Responsibility Cards, 3:30pm B&G B-ball vs SpJHS, 7pm Drama Class Plays
  • Friday, Dec 13th, Geography Bee, 11:47am Student of the Month Lunch, 7pm Drama Class Plays

What's happening this week? December 2 - 6

  • Monday, Dec 2nd, 3:30pm School Community Council, 3:30pm B&G B-ball @ PJHS
  • Tuesday, Dec 3rd, 5pm Boys B-ball @ Provo
  • Wednesday, Dec 4th, 7am Team Leader Meeting, 2:10 Department Collaboration, 3:30pm Wrestling vs MNJHS, 3:30pm B&G B-ball @ SaJHS, 7pm Orchestra Concert
  • Thursday, Dec 5th, 3-8pm Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Friday, Dec 6th, 7-9pm School Dance

Showing Gratitude Through Sharing

Rillene Nielsen

Spanish Fork Junior High Students know the best way to celebrate Thanksgiving is to share.  Students have been collecting food donations for a local food bank for the past week.  Bags were loaded up late this afternoon and loaded into the back of a pick-up for transport.  YES!  They filled the entire bed up!

Great job, SFJH students.  Needy families will find the holidays as little easier because of your generosity.

Honors U.S. History Field Trip

by Larrin Jensen

Mrs. Peterson’s honors history class got the privilege of going to The Crandall Historic Printing Museum in Provo. We were welcomed by the founder of the museum and 2 other caretakers. Their humorous spirit and love for their job made the trip not only a learning experience, but engaging as well.

What's happening the next two weeks? November 18 - 29

  • Monday, Nov 18th, Announce the Food Drive, Let’s get students pumped up to give!
  • Tuesday, Nov 19th, 8:47am UEN Broadcast for the 150th Anniversary of Gettysburg Address, No Pack Time, 1st Period 8:00-9:15, 2nd Period 9:20-10:09, Rest of the day on normal schedule.
  • Wednesday, Nov 20th, 7am Professional Development Meeting, Education Support Professionals Day, 2:10pm Grade Level Collaboration, 3:30pm Wrestling @ DFJHS
  • Thursday, Nov 21st, 9am Principal’s Academy
  • Friday, Nov 22nd, 50th Anniversary of JFK Assassination