Fun Run

Rillene Nielsen

Spirit week ended with a Fun Run.  Runners form all grades as well as faculty members tied on their running shoes and ran a mini cross country event of 1.8 miles.

The top finishers—all with a time of 10:39—were Heston Andersen, Devin King, and Nate Hanson.  Mrs. Vanessa Heber, one of our English teachers, was just a few strides off the lightning pace set by these three young men, and was the first faculty finisher.  All those who finished were given bananas and water—just the thing a runner craves.

Below are the top runners in each grade level by gender.

What's happening this week? September 23 - 27

  • Monday Sept 23rd, Picture Retakes, 7:30am Faculty and Staff group picture in the Little Theater, 10am PTA Meeting, Noon Golf @  Gladstan
  • Tuesday, Sept 24th, 3:30pm Tennis @ MNJHS
  • Wednesday, Sept 25th, 2:10pm Department Collaboration
  • Thursday, Sept 26th, 9am Principals Academy, 12:45pm Golf @ Gladstan, 3:30pm Tennis @ SHHS, 3-8pm Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Friday, Sept 27th, CTE Zoo Mania Assembly, Students go early to Lunch for having 6 punches or more on their card. 3:30 Cross Country @ SFJHS

School Spirit Week Continued - Hipster Day!

by: Rillene Nielsen

Vintage fashions, old school sneakers, thick rimmed glasses.  If you were on the SFJH campus today, that’s what you would have seen.

And moustaches.

It was “Hipster Day;” a chance to be uber cool and ultra hip.  Hipsters are independent thinkers.  They prize creativity, intelligence, art, and witty conversation.  But even if “hipsterism” isn’t your thing, it sure is fun to dress hip for a day.

School Spirit Week Continued - Crazy Hair Day!

by: Rillene Nielsen

            It may have been a minimum day on Wednesday, September 18, 2013, but was maximum WILD when it came to hair.

            Students at SFJH came out en mass with hair that was teased, jelled, combed, curled, sprayed, braided, wrapped, rubber-banded, and otherwise decorated into some of the wildest styles ever seen.

            One big question remains—how do you wash out all that gel?

Spirit Week Continues - Duct Tape Day!

Rillene Nielsen

It’s been said by some that the Lord made the earth, but the pieces are held together by duct tape. 

What do you get when you give McGyver some bamboo and a few rolls of duct tape?  An airplane of course. 

This tenaciously sticky, miraculously versatile tape has been in the handyman’s tool boxes for decades, but only recently has its use been exalted to an art form.

Cross Country


Spanish Fork Jr. Highs cross country team recently participated at our first region meet at Mount Nebo Jr High.  The boy's took 3rd out of seven schools and the girls took 5th.

Spirit Assembly!

Rillene Nielsen

We’ve Got Spirit!  How About You?

            Students at Spanish Fork Junior High are celebrating Spirit Week September 16th through the 20th.

            On Friday September 13, the SFJH Lobo Leadership got the student body chanting, clapping, and stomping during the Spirit Assembly.  Students competed to see which section had the most spirit, the week’s activities were introduced, and the faculty competed in Minute to Win It games.

80's Day!

Rillene Nielsen

Spirit Week

Monday was 80s Day

            Big hair, pegged jeans, and flipped collars were in style on Monday September 16th—the first day of SFJH Spirit Week.  Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth grade students all got into the spirit and dressed the part.

80s Trivia

You know you grew up in the 8os if:

1. You've ever ended a sentence with the word PSYCH!

2. You watched the Pound Puppies.

3. Girls wore biker shorts under their skirts and felt stylish.

4. Two words: Hammer Pants.

What's happening this week? September 16 - 20

  • Sept 16-Sept 20, Lobo Spirit Week
  • Monday Sept 16th, Noon Golf @  Hobble Creek
  • Tuesday, Sept 17th, 8am Captain’s Academy, 11:50am Student of the Month Lunch
  • Wednesday, Sept 18th, 10:15am School Board Members to visit Sunrise Unit (Good Luck Jade), Minimal Day, School out at 11:15am, 11:30am Lunch in Little Theater, 12-3pm Training Meeting on Utah Effective Teaching Standards and Teacher Evaluation in Little Theater.
  • Thursday, Sept 19th,
  • Friday, Sept 20th, Term 1 Midterm, 9:45 Fun Run, 3:30 Cross Country @ MJHS