Cedar Fort Publishing Donates The Utah Story to SFJHS

by: James Hubbard

Christmas came early to Utah Studies students at SFJHS when Kirt Forakis at Cedar Fort Publishing donated a classroom set of The Utah Story books to our school. The Utah Story is an amazing hardcover book, full of interesting information and wonderful pictures, written by Seth Sorensen, the curriculum specialist for our very own Nebo School District. Mr. Hubbard and Mr. Roberts, along with all 7th grade students at SFJHS, express our appreciation to Cedar Fort Publishing for this incredible donation that will add so much to the education of our students.

Teacher of the Month – September

By Janelle Slater—Assistant School News Editor

This month our faculty teacher of the month is Mr. Millman.  He was nominated by his fellow staff members to be awarded this great honor.  Here is one nomination that was sent in for him.

“Mr. Millman is a genuine down to earth good guy.  Students like him and learn art, but just as important he is a humble friend to any of his colleagues and fellow teachers.”  - Mr. Bass

Principal Appreciates Students

By Ashlee Johnson—School News Editor

Our principal Mr. Fleming would like all students to know that he appreciates the good start we have had this year. Work hard and do your work when it’s given. Don't just do it all at the end of the term. Also if you are having problems with your grades talk to your teachers.

Mr. Fleming also wants us to remember some school rules like no holes above the knee, keep shoulders covered, no cell phones from 8:00am-2:40pm, and please, no running in the halls.

Last of all he wants us to know you all are good students that he and the faculty believe in you!


Salem Frosh Off To A Rough Start - But Are Optimistic

By Trae Bates—Sport Editor

“Salem's freshman team is playing pretty bad,” said Dalton Compton. “We need to start playing as a team and not as individuals.”

 The next opponents are going to be tough, but Tyler Cooper said “We can win if we believe.” Salem is facing Lehi, then Spanish Fork.

Salem has already played Maple Mountain and Lone Peak. Both slaughtered the team. They lost by 35 to Lone Peak and 27 to Maple Mountain. If Salem wants to succeed this season they need to get in the game.


The Amazing Race—Utah comes to SFJHS!

by: Mr. Hubbard

7th grade Utah Studies students are very excited about our great state this year.  Why?  Because Mr. Roberts and Mr. Hubbard have just started The Amazing Race—Utah!  Between September and December, Utah Studies students are competing to see who can visit the greatest number of amazing places in Utah with their families and friends. The competition is by individual student, by class period, and between Mr. Roberts and Mr.

Say Hola to Mr. Moss—SFJH’s New Spanish Teacher

By Ashlee Johnson—School News Editor

For the 2011-2012 school year, we would like to welcome new teacher Mr. Moss!  He is our new Spanish teacher.

Mr. Moss grew up in from Declo, Idaho. He likes Snickers, Sprite, and the color blue. Mr. Moss's favorite quote is Nike’s "Just Do It".

His hero is his dad, and he would like to trade places with Superman so he could fly.

Mr. Moss said speaking English during Spanish class is something his students do that drives him crazy!

When Mr. Moss was still a teen, he loved P.E. and his 10th grade year. Everyone be sure to give Mr. Moss a warm Lobo welcome!

Teacher in the Spotlight

By Tori Thomas—Editor-in-Chief

Do you know our school librarian, Mr. Huff? If not, here are some interesting facts about him.

           His dream job was to be an undertaker, and he reached that dream when he became the owner of a mortuary. After 14 years he sold it to become a teacher.

CTE Students Experience Zoo-Mania

By Ashlee Johnson—School News Editor

For ten years, Zoo-Mania has inspired children to follow their dreams to becoming marine biologists, zoo keepers, small animal and exotic animal veterinarians, and many other professions dealing with animals.

Instead of viewing the animals through glass Zoo-Mania enables kids to view the animals up close.  Sometimes they even get to pet the animals, like Tank the Tortoise or Hercules the Snake.  Even Waldo the Green Winged Macaw loves to play with students!

SFJH Women’s Tennis Ready to Serve It Up

By Tristan Anderson—Assistant Editor-in-Chief

This year’s girls tennis teams for SFJHS seems like a great group of girls!  The Lobo Howl would like to congratulate the team.  Here is this year’s roster:


Alli Brinton, Andrea Findlay, Karley Holmes, Kenzi Hancock, Madi Wanner, Nicole Hair, Sydnie Davis, Tessa Christensen

Junior Varsity

Alison Damon, Amanda Ith, Aubree Beckstrand, Bailey Smith, Cierra Memott, Elsie Wilson, Emily Miller, Jamie Andrews, Laruen Gammel, Amanda Taylor


Amanda Taylor, Becca Fabis, Courtney Billat, Katie Stutz, Kimberly Bramall, Lindsey Olsen,