Lobo Update 12/04/17


Parents, Students, and Friends –


Our 2nd parent teacher conference of the year will be held on DECEMBER 7 from 3:30pm to 8:00pm. At this point, there will be 4 weeks left in Term 2. Please check grades and make sure you keep working to have Cs, Bs, and As by the holidays! 



by Molly Petersen

Mrs. Kelly’s sixth and seventh period classes both did preschools on December 1st. Students in the class brought preschool aged kids from their family or their neighborhood.

 Sixth period's theme was winter, so all their activities were based on that theme. The kids made snow globes, drank hot chocolate, and did many other activities to help them learn different skills.

 Seventh period's theme was the beach. They had the cutest sea animal name tags they gave to the preschoolers. Everyone that came to this class had a blast!

Unstoppable Offense and Amazing Defense

By Ethan Benson

The 9th-grade boys basketball team showed their dominance on the court as they defeated school rival Diamond Fork Junior High with a whopping score of 33-72!  

The Lobos had a great game the whole way through. Their offense was unstoppable and they had amazing defense from start to finish.  There was nothing the Diamondbacks could do!

At the end of the game Coach Cook explained, “Our guys played terrific defense and that was the key to our success.”

Great job Lobos!  Keep up the great work!

Drama Class Plays Showing!

SFJHS Drama classes have been planning and practicing their very own group plays and will have an opportunity on in the next two weeks to perform them for family and friends. Please make time to see the product of their hard work! 

All performances begin at 7:00pm in the SFJHS Little Theater.

DRAMA I -- THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 30: The Frog Prince, Sword and Saucery, and Once Upon a Fairy Tale

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 1: Three Spinning Fairies, Mere Mirror, and And the Crew Plays On

Digital Art

By Sophie Beehler

In Mr. Gibson's 1st period art class, we have been learning how to use and create digital art. We have been working on our final art project since Wednesday November 15th. They are finished and are hung up in the library hall near Mr. Gibson’s classroom.

We used a free digital art program called Pixlr Editor. You can do almost anything on it from creating your own art from scratch, to editing and customizing any image or photo! We have learned so much this past month, and are excited to see how everyone’s projects turned out!

Focus Brings Win for Lady Lobos—38-24 over Lakeridge

by Shea Harmer, with Rillene Nielsen photos by Matt Christensen

According to the SFJH girls basketball coach Shea Harmer, our Lady Lobos gave it their all and came away with a well-deserved win against Lakeridge yesterday.

“We started off a little nervous and had a hard time settling into our style of play. The first quarter was rough,” reports Coach Harmer.  “We finally calmed down and played our game rest of the time and that made a huge difference.”

Lobos Dominate Lakeridge in Second Half—Win 69-39

Story by Jeff Cook; pictures by Matt Christensen

The Spanish Fork Junior High 9th grade boys’ basketball team beat Lakeridge Jr. High Tuesday night by a score of 69-39. 

The boys got off to a slow start in the first half.  They struggled with turnovers and poor shot selection. 

The second half was a complete turnaround.  Our Lobos worked hard at getting great shots in their half-court offense and reducing the number of turnovers.  Their strategy paid off well for them as is evident by the final score. 

Good luck boys against Diamond Fork tomorrow.