September Teacher of the Month

Submitted by david.thacker on Wed, 09/19/2012 - 10:11

The teacher of the month for Spanish Fork Junior High is Margie Dobson.   Ms. Dobson is our school hostess.  She loves to serve others and make them feel valued and appreciated.  She is generous with her time and energy.  She is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys traveling.

Ms. Dobson has been in charge or helped with every major faculty party for years.  She loves to cook and decorate for special occasions.  She has an eye for making things look amazing.  She has donated many special prizes to our faculty.  We wouldn’t know how to have a party without her.

Beauty and Belief

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Students from Mr. Anson's Honors English and Mrs. Carter's world studies classes attended the Brigham Young University Museum of Art's Beauty and Belief of Islamic art, Thursday, September 13, 2012.  Students were led through the museum with the aid of a wonderful guide who taught them about the founding of Islam and their belief practices of the Five Pillars of Islam.  This background explained so much about the art on display that the students became expert at viewing the art through the mind-set of a Muslim.

Laura Carter

Zoo Mania!

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Friday, August 31 Zoo Mania came to spanish Fork Jr. High and presented an educational assembly to all of the 7th grade CTE intro classes. Karen Beverly is the owner, and main presenter for Zoo Mania. She does a fantastic job of educating our 7th grade students about the many different careers that may work with animals, as well as showing many different animals associated with the careers she described. Mrs.

Mr. Anson Recognized by the VFW

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On June 9, 2012, Mr. Joseph Anson, English teacher at Spanish Fork Jr. High, was awarded the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Citizenship Education Teacher Award for grades 6-8 in the state of Utah.  A luncheon and award ceremony convened in Salt Lake City where the state teacher awards were presented.  Teachers nominated for this award help students develop a better understanding of democratic values and beliefs and promote civic responsibility within their classrooms and their communities.  “It is a great privilege to be nominated for this award,” said Mr.


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            Did you know that bullying can consist of more than just physical violence?  How often have you heard someone get called a name, or insult?  Did you ever consider it as a type of bullying?

            About 70% of all students are being, or have been, bullied in their lives, and roughly half of these cases have been verbal.

            Verbal bullying is hard to become aware of, since it can include gossiping, teasing or laughing, but it can be just as serious as physical bullying.

By: Kaitlyn Thacker

Miss Holley Recieves Prestigious Award

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Spanish Fork Junior High School’s own Kris Holley received the UACTT (Utah Advisory council of Theatre Teachers) Master Teacher of the Year Award in July at the UACTT Conference held in Logan at Utah State University.  Teachers in the state voted to select Miss Holley for her work over the past 12 years in our school, community and her place on the board of directors of the Utah Theatre Association.

Miss Holley is loved and does an amazing job with her students and their productions and competitions.  All she needs is an auditorium to make her career perfect! 

Teacher and Student Schedule for the Week of Aug. 15 - 21

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Wed. Aug 15 (optional day)
9 AM Breakfast
9:30 Everyone helping to move teachers back into their rooms (major construction done in the building over the summer)
Noon Lunch

Thurs. Aug 16
9 - 11 Opening Institute and benefits fair at Maple Mountain High (benefits fair goes until 4)
1 - 3:10 Teacher prep time

Fri. Aug 17
8 - 8:30 Breakfast
8:30 - 11 Opening faculty meeting in the little theater
11:15 - 12:15 Department collaboration
12:20 - 1:15 Faculty and staff lunch in the little theater

Important Dates To Know

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School registration is on August 7 from 9 -2. Registration packets will be mailed out next week.

7th grade orientation is August 20 from 9 - 11. School open house is also this day from 1 - 4.

The first day of school is August 21.

School picture day is on August 23.


Fine Art Assembly Program

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Fine Arts Assembly/Sing Off Assembly  

May 21, 2012


  1. Choirs: Nation Anthem (Verses 1 and 3)-Band is already on the Stage ready to play-  All rise for the National Anthem and the Pledge  (Concert Choir on the risers- they sit on risers after the Anthem.  General Chorus on Stairs and Chamber Choir Women on Stairs.  Afterward they take seats in the front rows.  Orchestra I is back stage waiting to go on.  Jazz band in Band room).