Spanish Fork Jr High Students Excel at State FCCLA

Submitted by david.thacker on Mon, 03/28/2022 - 14:22

Three students from Spanish Fork Jr High competed at the State FCCLA Conference in Layton last week.  

Autumn Aylsworth and Brielle Von Hoene both competed in the Fashion Construction Star Event.  They each spent over 30 hours sewing a dress, and even more time creating a board and filling out paperwork.  They both placed high at the region FCCLA conference which qualified them to move on to state.  They both received gold medals at state.

By Kathy Thacker

Math Problem of the Week

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Candy, Candy, Candy
Tootie Frootie candy is cylindrical in shape and comes in two different sizes. One size is 1.25 inches tall with a radius of 0.25 inches, and the other is 3.25 inches tall and has twice the volume of the first. What is the radius of the larger size?
Express your answer as a decimal to the nearest hundredth.

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Math Problem of the Week

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March Madness

Suppose 48 out of every 120 people like watching March Madness. Of the people who like watching March Madness, 3 out of 5 actually play basketball. If you ask 500 people, how many would you expect to play basketball?