SFJHS 7th Grade Christmas Orchestra Concert!

Submitted by david.thacker on Fri, 12/13/2019 - 14:59
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SFJHS had their 7th grade Christmas orchestra concert! And it was a lot of fun (like always). 

The orchestra played lots of different songs. The first song they played is called “Appalachian Hymn.” It is reminiscent of other traditional songs, and popular folk tunes. 

Another song they played was called “North Pole March.” It gives a reminder of some well-known Christmas songs. There was even a Santa walking up and down the isles throwing toys to the little kids. They then played the well-known Christmas song, “What Child Is This.” 

Next, they played “Dragon/Grinch Hunter”, which is a fun song that sets the cellos and bases as the “Dragon/Grinch,” and the violins and violas as the “Dragon/Grinch Hunter.” They go back and forth chasing each other throughout the song. As they played, the Grinch kept popping up for the little kids to count how many times they saw him. 

To finish up the concert, they played a song called “Fiddles on Fire.” It uses quick fingering, and is played very fast. They get to use some new notes in this song.

Thanks for coming to our concert! Merry Christmas from the SFJHS 7th grade orchestra!

By Emily Jensen (student)