Students of the Week January 24-28

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Bridger Baum 19.32 KB
Brayden Critchfield 21 KB
Katie Grass 19.35 KB
Braden Massey 20.92 KB
Bowdy Olsen 22.2 KB
Eddy Ramirez 20.88 KB
Ethan Sokol 21.84 KB
Mariah Emarine 23.57 KB
Shannon Fili 21.97 KB
Andrea Findlay 24.08 KB
Steve Folks 20 KB
Sariah Lee 22.07 KB
Hunter Schofield 22.09 KB
Sydnee Anderson 24.01 KB
Averi Porter 22.47 KB
Sophie Swenson 25.36 KB
Emily Winsor 27.52 KB
Michael Bartold 22.28 KB
Kimberly Bramall 22.41 KB
Connor Brown 22.49 KB
Maddie Stiles 24.09 KB
Bridger Baum
Brayden Critchfield
Katie Grass
Braden Massey
Bowdy Olson
Eddy Ramirez
Ethan Sokol
Mariah Emerine
Shannon Fili
Andrea Findlay
Steve Folks
Sariah Lee
Hunter Schofield
Sydnee Anderson
Maddie Stiles Averi Porter
Sophie Swenson
Emily Winsor
Michael Bartold
Kimberly Bramall
Conner Brown


Nebo School District has a fantastic tradition that they have been doing for man, many years.  That tradition is called Captain's Academy.  This is