Battle of the Books

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The Avid Readers and the Sea Dragons
The Avid Readers
The Sea Dragons

The school Battle of the Books was held Wednesday, February 16th.  Several students formed teams of 3-5 people.  Each team had to read a combined number of 20 books.  Each group read the same 20 books.  We have had lunch meetings, twice a month, to prepare for the battle and have fun with books.  After a lot of hard work, reading, and preparing, the teams battled it out on Wednesday,  

There were 8 rounds, each round containing 20 questions.  To get full points, the team not only had to give the title of the book, but had to provide the author’s name.  We narrowed the teams down to 2 final teams, The Avid Readers and The Sea Dragons.  These two teams battled hard, but the Avid Readers came out on top with a score of 31.  The Sea Dragons put up a good fight!  They ended with 28 points.  The Avid Readers team consisted of Neeve Ryskamp, Alexia Sharp, Zoe Perkins, and Halle Collingridge.  On the Sea Dragons team are Kara Olson, Isabella Beecher, and Hailey Lopez.

The Avid Readers will represent our school in the district Battle of the Books on February 25, 2022.  Congratulations to these two teams and to all who participated.   


story and photos by Kaye Brockbank