Captains Academy

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Captains Academy
Captains Academy
Captains Academy

Nebo School District has a fantastic tradition that they have been doing for man, many years.  That tradition is called Captain's Academy.  This is an opportunity for those that have been chosen as Captain's and leaders of their teams or groups to meet together to learn about being a leader and learn from some of the leaders that we have in our High schools and Jr. High Schools.

For the fall sports season the District invited members of the Jr. High boys and girls cross country teams, the girls tennis team and the Jr. high student council.  

Those that represented Spanish Fork Jr. High were as follows:

Will Lambert- Boys Cross Country

Linsey Hendrickson- Girls Cross Country

Leah Mickelson- Girls Tennis

Alleah Wood- Student Council

We were privileged to Hear from Jerod Sites, the Principal at Provo high school about Sportsmanship.

We then heard from Jesse Roberts, the Athletic Director at Spanish Fork High School about what a leader is.

Our final speaker was Jordan Stevenson, a former soldier who spoke  about the little things that you can do to make a big difference.

It was a great experience for all involved and hope that the tradition can continue!

By Garrett Johnson