Captains Academy!

Submitted by david.thacker on Wed, 09/27/2023 - 12:40
Fall Captains
Presentation at captains academy

The Fall sport Captains from their respective sports were able to participate in Captains Academy on Wednesday September 27th.  They were able to work with members of rival schools to discuss the importance of Sportsmanship and leadership.  

Kyle Francom, an Administrator from Payson High School presented on what a leader was and the different characteristics of leaders.  After Kyle they were able to hear from Wendi Nelson, an Administrator from Springville High School.  Wendi did several different activities with the students on Sportsmanship.

The final speaker was former NFL Superstar tight end Chad Lewis.  Lewis stressed the importance of being themselves and loving their parents and others.  

It was a Fantastic morning full of great messages.

Our Captains that represented Spanish Fork Jr. High  were:

Jean Nielsen: Girl's Cross Country

Quincy Roberts: Girl's Tennis

Ryker Valentine: Student Leadership

Gavin Leishman: Boy's Cross Country

By Garrett Johnson