Eighth Grade English Students Write Six-Word Memoirs

Submitted by david.thacker on Wed, 10/06/2021 - 13:05
Six Word Stories
Six Word Stories

Students in Miss Hodson's eighth grade English class talked about the time that famous author, Ernest Hemingway, was bet $10 that he couldn't write a story in six words. He won the bet with his story "Baby Shoes: for sale, never worn".

Students were asked to write a six-word memoir about themselves. A memoir is a story told or written about a specific part of a person's life, and a six-word memoir tells that story in only six words. Students really had to think hard and down to their core to try and figure out how to write a story about themselves using only half a dozen words. Many kids went out of the box and wrote about things they enjoy doing outside of school.

It was a great assignment for students to really ponder hard on what is important to them and what has the most meaning in their lives. It is safe to say that it wasn't an easy task, writing a story in six words.

Story and photos by Kimberly Hodson