Feel Good Friday!

Submitted by david.thacker on Fri, 11/18/2022 - 14:50
Students learning about Edgar Allen Poe

Ironically, for Feel Good Friday, we're going to talk about Edgar Alan Poe. 


The Master of the Macabre. The Master of Suspense. The Father of the Detective Story. The Tamahawk Man. Poe's nicknames dpn't usually make someone think of happy, happy, feel good thoughts, but oh, is he ever brilliant.


After studying Poe's life and some of his work, Mrs. Anderson's 9th grade English classes are researching Poe's death. It is quite apropos that the father of mystery's death is a mystery. After researching some of the more prominent theories, each group has to give judgement on how they believe Poe died. As a group, they need to present their reasoning based on evidence while also acknowledging the holes in their chosen theory. Through the project, they are learning and practicing many skills like: research, citation, collaboration, presentation, claims, and more. 


While Poe's life doesn't make one feel happy, real learning does.

by Susan Anderson