Introducing Brena Price

Submitted by david.thacker on Tue, 07/27/2021 - 09:22
Brena Price

Hello! My name is Brenna Price and I am going to be teaching U.S. History, World Civ, and Yearbook this coming school year at SFJHS. I attended BYU where I received my degree in Social Science Teaching. I love being a history teacher! I love learning and teaching about the past because I feel like there are such important lessons we can learn from those who have come before us.

In order to make our world a better place to live in today, I believe we have to learn what it was like before us. I love anything to do outdoors! Hiking, camping, outdoor sports, etc. is my jam. Warm evenings playing pickleball, tennis, or even cornhole with my husband Brady and my family is my happy place. I also really enjoy reading. Although historical fiction is probably my favorite, if you give me any good book on a Saturday morning I'll be a happy girl!

Overall, I am super excited to be teaching at Spanish Fork Jr! I think education is one of the most important things we can pursue in life and I am thrilled to be able to help students on that journey!

Introducing Brena Price