Introducing Mr. Bryce Rowe

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Mr. Bryce Rowe

I am a local boy from Springville and graduated from the best high school in Nebo: Springville High School! Being raised in the area, I know how amazing it is! There are so many resources that range from outdoor activities to shopping. It has been really exciting to watch as southern Utah Valley has grown and brought in so many great people. Last year, I was able to teach 7th Grade Language Arts and Reading at Diamond Fork Middle School, so I might get some of you two years in a row (I hope that is okay)!

When I have a moment to myself, I love being outdoors--going on walks, hikes, playing spikeball, disc golf, and pickleball, or just being in the sun with my family. My wife and I both graduated from UVU in education in the past few years and this past September, I became a father to a handsome baby boy! Being a parent comes with its challenges but has been awesome and a lot of fun!

I am excited to teach here at such an awesome school with some of the best students in the world!