Introducing Mr. Garrett Rich

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Garrett Rich

Hi! My name is Garrett Rich, and I will be teaching health this school year! I love teaching and learning about health because it impacts every aspect of our lives. To me, understanding one's health is like a superpower because it allows us to live our lives to the fullest!

I really love the mountains and when I'm not learning new health concepts, I am likely to be found adventuring outdoors. I love mountain biking, rock climbing, mountaineering, snowboarding/skiing, and trail running. I also love movies, such as Lord of The Rings, The Dark Knight Trilogy and the Count of Monte Cristo. I also really love to read fantasy books, such as Harry Potter, or anything by Brandon Sanderson. When I was in middle school, I actually got grounded from reading Harry Potter because it was all I wanted to do.

My wife and I have been married for 3 years and have a little baby girl named Margaret. Another fun fact about me is that I was born on February 29th, also known as Leap Year/Day, so I only have a birthday every 4 years (so yes, I have only had 6 birthdays!).