Introducing Zak Nowell

Submitted by david.thacker on Tue, 07/27/2021 - 09:18
Zak Nowell

My name is Zak Nowell and I will be teaching P.E.

I grew up in a small town in central Utah on a horse ranch. I enjoy all things outdoors, hunting, hiking, fly fishing, camping, and mowing my lawn! Some of my favorite books are The Odyssey, The Alchemist, Into the Fire, American Sniper, The Princess Bride, Moby Dick, and just about anything by Alexander Dumas. I like too many movies to name them all, but if you have a movie quote, I'll bet I could guess the movie.

I am very competitive! There isn't a game that I won't play and try to win! Most people in the area know me from wrestling. I have been an official for 14 years and loved every minute of it! It has allowed me to travel across the country and see many places, meet lots of people and make a bunch of friends!

I am passionate about education (I am working on several endorsements as well as my masters and admin) and love being a teacher.I am excited to be joining the Lobo family! Seeing students learn and grow, as well as push themselves to reach their potential is the 2nd most rewarding thing in my life, being a father and husband to my family is the 1st!