Kelliann Wright Wins October Wolf Pack Award

Submitted by david.thacker on Thu, 10/28/2021 - 09:23
Mrs. Wright

Wolves live in packs and share the duties of raising the young.  They care for each other as individuals and transfer knowledge from one generation to another. It takes loyalty, a playful spirit, patience, teamwork, and the ability to communicate to ensure that the young pups grow into strong members of the pack.  

Our SFJH Lobo Pack is certainly blessed to have Kelliann Wright as a member.  Ms. Wright teaches Secondary Math 1, and Secondary Math 2 Honors at SFJH.  She was nominated for the Wolf Pack award by Mr. David Thacker.  She adds the quality of teamwork to our pack.

            During our monthly faculty meeting, Mr. Thacker explained why Ms. Wright was his nominee. “I put it out to my students,” he said, “and asked them to vote for the teacher that they felt has had the biggest positive impact on them and has made them the most excited for her content this school year. She got the most votes. That is how I picked who would get that award.”

            Thank you, Ms. Wright, for living the Lobo way.

story by Rillene Nielsen photo by Jessica Lindley