Lagoon Day Information 2022

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Lagoon Day is May 24th.

Permission Slip & Cost

To purchase a ticket, students must return the permission slip to the front of the school. There will be tables set up to take your permission slips and to check grades, citizenship, detention, and school fees. You will then pay the $50 to Mrs. Fay. This will begin Monday, May 2nd. We will be taking permission slips and money before school, at lunch, and after school.  NO OTHER TIME WILL BE ALLOWED. Mrs. Fay cannot accept any money without the permission slip. Tickets will be sold until all available bus seats are full. You can only purchase tickets before school, at lunch, and after school. You will bring your permission slip to the tables in the front of the school  Lagoon Entrance Passports will be given out on the bus when we get to Lagoon. 

Lagoon Passes

You can use a Lagoon Season pass but would still need to pay $3 for the bus ticket. 

No Refunds

NO REFUNDS will be given - so students need to make sure they are going before purchasing a ticket!


Students must provide their own lunch in one of three ways -1) bring a lunch from home, 2) bring money to buy lunch, 3) prearrange a school sack lunch from the cafeteria. To get a school sack lunch talk with the front office by May 18th - Students will pick up sack lunches at 7:15 in the cafeteria the morning we leave.

Riding the Bus

Students will pick up their bus ticket in the cafeteria starting at 7:15. They will look for the line with their last name. They will then choose the bus they ride  BUT must ride on the same bus to and from Lagoon.  Their bus ticket will be given to the teachers on the bus. 

Critical Times of Departure (don’t be left behind)

Students going to Lagoon should arrive at school on May 24th  by 7:30 am to begin loading the buses. If a student misses the bus they cannot get a refund. 

Begin loading at SFJHS ………………..7:30 am

Depart for Lagoon.........………………...7:45 am SHARP

Load at Lagoon …………………………3:30 pm

Bus leaves Lagoon………………………3:45 pm SHARP

Expected arrival at SFJHS ………………between 4:45 & 5:00 pm 

Getting Home Afterwards

The school will not be open when we return, and there will be no school bus service.  Students should make arrangements with parents for rides beforehand.

Criteria for Students to Attend

No Failing Grades,  No Fees owed, - All detentions have been served - No U in more than one class - Administration ineligibility (based on a pattern of behavior that may put themselves or others at risk).

Students that will be attending school on this day instead of going to Lagoon, should meet in the CAFETERIA at 8:00am when the bell rings.