Robin White Receives Peak Award for Spanish Fork Junior High

Submitted by david.thacker on Thu, 12/09/2021 - 11:11
Robin White receives the peak award

Spanish Fork Junior High is excited about the nomination of one of its faculty for the Nebo Peak Award:  Robin White.  Ms. White teaches 8th and 9th grade English.

“Robin is an instant friend. She instantly brings you into her circle and makes everyone feel like they’re her ‘bestie.’ She goes above and beyond to show her love for her fellow teachers. She planned a surprise 50th birthday party for one of our department's teachers. She brings Fizz drinks and Crumbl cookies to people to lift their mood. She hosts parties (even COVID style) for not just our team, but also for our families. She even ordered special t-shirts for me when I was diagnosed with cancer and t-shirts for some of our department that show support for their comrade fighting cancer.

“Beyond how much she cares about her colleagues, she gives her heart to her students. She spends many late (and then really early) hours finding different texts, strategies, and methods to teach concepts in differentiated ways for her classes. She collaborates and shares any golden nugget. She has students in her class before and after school getting further instruction, redoing work, and just connecting with an amazing teacher.” ~Susan E Anderson

“Ms. White invites students to sit with her during class if they have no one else to sit with.” ~Jaxon Stevenson

Nominated by: Susan Anderson & Jaxon Stevenson