SFJH Freshmen Finish Strong in Lacrosse

Submitted by david.thacker on Thu, 05/26/2022 - 09:07
Freshman Lacrosse Team

Congratulations to our 13 Freshmen who helped SFHS Lacrosse make it to round two of the playoffs in just our 2nd year as a program!!! It was an exciting season and we can't wait to see these players continue to develop next year as 10th graders!

2- Jonas Garner, JV

5- Brandon Norris, Varsity

10- Grady Harmer, JV

16- Dallin Rust, JV

17- Cade Kennedy, JV

22 - Brigham Folsom, JV

24- Cael Cabreros, Varsity

28- Hayden Tank Carter, JV

29- Josh Radford, JV

31- Logan Hansbrow, JV

36- Chance Myers, JV

39- Taiven Ramirez, JV

40- Payden Stulce, JV

We welcome current 8th graders to join us, ask us about HS and youth lacrosse, and for everyone to check out @dons.lacrosse for info and updates throughout the year.  Go Lobos! Go Dons!

story and pictures by Nicole Norris