Susan Anderson Receives December’s Wolf Pack Award

Submitted by david.thacker on Wed, 12/01/2021 - 16:44
Susan Anderson

Because wolves live in packs, they form unique bonds.  These bonds not only help them defend territory, hunt collaboratively, and raise pups effectively, these bonds create friendships and an environment where individuals can be cared for. They allow knowledge to be passed from one generation to the next as the young are mentored by the more experienced members of the pack.  Qualities like loyalty, a playful spirit, communication, teamwork, and patience are transferred from one pack member to another.

            Our SFJH is blessed to have Susan Anderson as an amazing Lobo mentor.  Mrs. Anderson teaches Freshmen English and Language Arts, Leadership, and is the Student Council Advisor.  She was nominated for the Wolf Pack Award by Russell LeMmon.  She adds the qualities of communication and teamwork to our pack.  In his presentation, Mr. LeMmon said that Mrs. Anderson is a “team player who offers unique insights and inspiration” to any group or committee she is with.  He went on to say that she models “courage and strength” to both faculty and students alike.  Anyone who has been into one of Mrs. Anderson’s classes knows she passes these traits on to her students, perpetuating an environment of caring here at SFJH.

Thank you, Mrs. Anderson, for Living the Lobo Way.

Story by Rillene Nielsen Photo by Jessica Lindley