Utah PTA Digital Wellness Video Contest

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Video Contest

Click here to visit the Utah PTA Digital Wellness Video Website to download all consent forms and to submit your entry!


The purpose of this video contest is to promote digital citizenship, safety and wellness through students' creativity, tech and filming skills.  

Students Eligible to Enter

This video contest is open for students in grades 6-12 in the state of Utah at a PTA/PTSA school. Students may create a video as a group, but only one student can submit the video entry. If a group entry wins, the winning student will share the prize with the other students in the group.

Digital Wellness Video Topic

Video entries should follow the theme "Being Safe, Kind and Responsible Online." Students may choose to focus on one or more aspects of the theme. For example, a student may choose to focus on how to be safe online and another student may choose how to be responsible with their use tech use, but students do not need to cover all three aspects. However, a student is welcome to cover each aspect if they would like. The theme is broad and open for different interpretations as there are many different aspects of being safe, kind and responsible online. Be creative and have fun. 

Entry Dates and Deadlines

Entries may be submitted beginning February 1, 2023 on this page and will be accepted until March 15, 2023. 

Winners and Prizes

Win up to $500. 

Contest Rules

  • Each video entry must be the original work of the student or students entering. Because the program is designed to encourage and recognize student’s individual creativity, help from an adult is not allowed. 
  • All videos must be submitted on Utah PTA’s website. Videos must be submitted in MP4, MOV, or WMV format.
  • Any and all persons whose image and/or voice are recorded for the video entry must sign the Consent Form provided below. If persons recorded are minors, they must have their parents sign the Consent Form agreeing to the terms therein. Entries that do not have proper Consent Form releases for each person recorded will not be considered for the contest.
  • For the students’ safety, first names only can be used in the videos. Students are not allowed to include the school name anywhere in the video itself, and they are encouraged to film the video in places that are not easily recognizable. Students will need to turn off location geodata when filming or remove it from the film before submitting it.
  • Each video entry must be 90 seconds or less to be considered.
  • The content must be clean and appropriate.  Inappropriate videos will not be considered.
  • All copyright laws must be obeyed. You must verify that you own the rights to all media (video, photos, music, etc.) contained in your entry. If you are using royalty-free materials, you must include credits for these materials in your entry. If you are using copyrighted materials, you must be able to provide written permission for your use of the material from the copyright owner.
  • Entries that break copyright laws and do not contain proper credits, will not be considered for the Utah PTA Digital Wellness Video Contest.