May 2020

Teachers Say Goodbye Video

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We have had quite the year! We have had many challenges and you have succeeded through all of them. We usually have celebrations of learning during this last week of school. We are sorry we couldn’t do those things, but so many teachers were glad to see you this week when you dropped off your supplies and received your yearbooks! We have posted many awards and honors on our website that we would have presented in person during an assembly.

Video by Nate Hill, SFJHS Student Body President

School Video

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Fourth term has been unprecedented and has changed everything we know about the end of the school year. So, with the generous help of our student council president, Nate Hill, who created this video, we want to share with you some of our memories of the 2019-2020 school year when we were together. Enjoy!

Video by Nate Hill, SFJHS Student Body President

SFHS Volleyball 2020

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Summer Open Gyms 

Once Utah enters Yellow Status we will be able to start having Open Gyms at the High School.  Girls entering grades 8-12 are encouraged to attend these throughout the Summer.  Watch Facebook and/or Instagram for information on these.  We are expecting to start the first week of June.


Math Problem of the Week Winners

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These students worked all year doing the Math Problem of the Week. Each week the math teachers give students a hard math problem to try and solve. These students got the most correct out of all of our students here at Spanish Fork Junior High. All 3 were given an awesome math t-shirt. In addition to that, we usually give them a graphing calculator, but they are repeat winners so Cora Hansen and Zach Johnson were given Kindle Fires and Molly Peterson was given an Amazon gift card. (This is Molly's 3rd year winning so she already had a kindle too!) Congratulations to these 3!
by Jen Fong. Photo by Susan Fay

Spirit of the Lobo

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The Spirit of the Lobo Award is given to two 9th grade students each year. This award goes to students who are adaptable and able to persevere to the end. They are cooperative and willing to work for the common good and are able to communicate effectively, always speaking respectfully to others, and reaching out to show friendship and to include others.  Congratulations to Molly Petersen and Joshua Graham!

Great 8 Award

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The Great 8 Award recognizes students that have demonstrated outstanding citizenship, effort, accountability, respect, responsibility, honesty, integrity and character during their 8th grade year at SFJHS.  Congratulations Adney Reid and Adilyn Hanks!

Terrific Kid Award

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The Terrific Kid award is presented to two 7th grade students each year  who have demonstrated exemplary citizenship, academic achievement, leadership, and kindness. Congratulations Oaklie Youd and Logan Thacker!

3 Year 4.0 Award

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The following students have earned a 4.0 for their entire time at SFJHS! Congratulations on all of your hard work!