80’s School Music Review

Submitted by david.thacker on Thu, 04/29/2021 - 07:35
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This school year the students of Spanish Fork Junior High practiced and performed a school musical. In this musical they performed 80’s hits from 80’s movies. Throughout this long journey the students practiced until almost perfect. Tryouts happened in January. Everyone who tried out made it, and the soloist for songs were chosen. Through the endless practices of learning the songs and dances, the week of the performances finally came. Cast members anxiously awaited the performances. The opening night was a blast. Behind the scenes, cast members sang, danced, and had fun with their friends in Miss Holley’s room. The first night performance got rid of the first time jitters and the second night was even better. The cast members enjoyed the weekend and came back ready for the last performance. Closing night on Monday was by far the best. The crowd was awesome and the energy was incredible. The cast members enjoyed the last night, although sad to see the end so soon. This performance was an amazing friendship building experience, and if you asked, most of the cast and crew would say how much fun they had.

By Alleah Wood (student)