Eighth Grader Welcomes Each SFJH Student with Encouraging Note

Submitted by david.thacker on Wed, 08/22/2018 - 06:13
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Spanish Fork Junior High 8th Grader Aspen Brinkerhoff has been very busy this summer.

 With the help from her family and friend, Annie Farr, Aspen wrote over 1500 messages on sticky notes to put up around the school welcoming and encouraging students and staff on the first day of school.

 The notes were put down every hall, on every locker, and around the windows of the school, so students could find a motivating word wherever they turned. Teachers were also welcomed to their classrooms with notes of appreciation and encouragement on their door.

 We want to thank Aspen, Annie, and everyone that helped her put this idea into action. Her act of kindness helped everyone at SFJHS to start the year off on a positive and happy note. We hope this momentum can carry through the rest of the year so we can have the best year yet!

story and photos by Jaimie Dannelly